[Departure D-45] Buy an AirAsia Airplane ticket Premium Flex Plane

The date of resignation was almost decided. I don’t know what to prepare for this travel, but I’m sure I have to buy an airplane ticket. A few months ago, I searched for the ticket. There was a lot of time to departure, I was hoping that i could use nationality airline at cheaper price. Indeed, last year, when i went to Indonesia, the national airline was used to a lower price than low cost airlines.


I went Skyscanner website and set the departure date to whole October and searched for an airplane ticket from Korea to Manila, Philippines. Unlike my expectation, AirAsia, a low-cost airline, was cheaper. 

Many months later, the price remained at a similar until last week. The thing is that it made me lazy to buy the ticket.

‘I will buy it on the weekend, buy it later, buy it tomorrow..’ I had been putting it off. I had to sleep to go to work tomorrw, but I didn’t wanna sleep. i went Skyscanner website at the time. I clicked to see the price of the airplane ticket i had been eyeing.

When I checked the price, the feeling of being sleepy was completely gone. The price rose about 20$.


I tried to find a cheaper ticket, but I knew it would not. And At the top right of the AirAsia website, the banner blinked that the price discount event was about 40 minutes away.

I decided that let’s think that i learned a lesson of 20$ and pressed the payment button.


Again, I have not prepared for this long travel yet. So I wanted to buy a ticket that i can change the date.

Because AirAsia is a low cost airline, the date to get leave can’t be changed by default. However, if i add Premium Flex option, i can change the date twice. There are also in-flight meals, hot seat, seat selection, express boarding and baggage and a few other options. I chose the option and saw the price.


Amazing, Great. The base price rose, but the price of Premium flex option be taken a drop. So The Total price became equal.

AirAisa Airline Premium flex Information

The price of AirAsia’s Premium flex options is flexible, Option prices may be lowered even if the price of the primary airplane ticket is increased.

If this is the case, the total price will be the same (or less ?) . It’s good for someone who choose Premium Flex.


It’s easy for you to think of Premium Flex as the business class of AirAsia. but the width of the seat is not much different with other seat of AirAsia. Because the price of seat selection includes, I could choose the front row seat. Even window seat, my favorite.

The front row seats are wide enough to stretch my legs. It’s becoming more and more luxurious(?) rather than i thought.


Purchased AirAisa airplane ticket for going Manila, Philippines from Incheon, Korea at about 166$. (With Premium flex option)


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