Singapore friends come to Korea

In 2017, My Singapore friend, Theresa came to Korea in a good time to travel. After I knew her in a language exchange application, we have been in contact everyday for about a year. She is an ordinary worker in Singapore who is studying Korean as a big fan of Davichi(Korean band).


The village i live in is often the background of slum of Korea in movies and dramas. It takes 3 minutes to get down and 10 minutes to go up. Teresa said she would come to my house. I told her to prepare to climb if the hill was very severe. She said, “I think It’s kind of lite exercise”.


Teresa came to my house with her church friend, Amy. They were amazed at the slope of the hill beyond expectations and climbed the hill by taking pictures in a strange sight. The thing was when it was going down. Amy had been wearing a sleeveless slippers that were about 8cm. The center of gravity was moving forward and almost came down to Teresa.


After spending a short chat with them on the day, they returned to Singapore. I continued to keep in touch with Teresa, but Amy.


A few months later, this time I went to Singapore. Theresa told Amy and I stayed at Amy’s house for five days in Singapore. Amy was unemployed and was able to stay with me throughout my trip. We are so friendly and I remember her red face (because she didn’t want cry) at the airport when i left Singapore. Since that day Teresa, Amy and I have new group chatting which alarm sounds everyday.


Again, a few months later, by the end of June 2018. One day before Korea was worming up, Amy and her niece said they would come to Korea. they asked if they could stay in my house for about 3 weeks. Amy was already knowing the hill. I don’t have to tell about the slope of the hill. So this time I had another worry.

“Are u okay with no air conditioner at home?”


Amy lives in Singapore, a hot country all the year round. She thought that she was probably string in hat days.

“Is there a fan? Then It’s okay.”

I said there was a small fan that if i didn’t have air conditioner, U could stay at my house. At that time, neither Amy nor her nephew could predict how warm Korea would be in 2018.

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