The first image of the country to travelers

Prepare to welcome guests

Fortunately, before Amy came to Korea, I couldn’t keep the weather and bought a windwo-type air conditoner. I tried to imagine me living without air conditioner everyday after purchasing. Every time i failed. I thought i could not be alive. Amy was very pleased when I told her that I bouhgt an air conditioner. She was worried about the crazy weather that updates the record everyday.


I started to clean my home a few days or a few weeks before she came. I am not a person who live in clean house. My friends came to live with me for three weeks, I got a lot of things to clean. I bought an air-freshener, I used a cleaner several times. (But It was still dirty. Lol)


The day Amy finally comes, it was Friday. My friends were suppose to arrive at 6:45 pm in Korea time. From the morning, I spent my time watching the airplane’s real-time route in my company. I thought they would arrive at my house around 8 pm, but by that time she contacted me and she said that she was about to find their luggage. I was very hungry and we were suppose to do have dinner with.


She asked if i could ordered JjaJangMeon. I said “Okay. Let me know when u get a subway.” Next message was after 1 hour and the message became a last nessage before coming my home. I tried to order JjaJangMeon, but all of the restuarants were closed. I had no choice but to order chicken.


Taxi driver

I was out of the house at 9:50 pm. It’s too hard to find the way, taxi drivers always get lost. I waited about 20 minutes and I saw one taxi.


A few seconds later, I went to the taxi even despite seeing ‘empty taxi’ sign. I found Amy sitting in the passenger seat when i got close to the taxi.


I opend the taxi door and briefly informed the driver of the road about the way. When i opend the door again, the taxi driver told me that he don’t press the meter ‘accidentally’.


Waiting for Amy and her niece at home, I searched througt the map to see how long it took they come here by taxi. The map said it would take 40 minutes and the taxi fare would be 6,200 won. So I told him the fare. I was very embarrassing cause foreingers who just arrived Korea saw this situation.

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