[Travle Dairy in the Philippines] Valentine’s day in the Philippines

Valentine’s day

Slu students sell some foods, snacks or flowers or sing songs for earning money for their club for Valentine’s day. Teacher Cathy’s club students came to our classroom and sold nuts and chocolates. They told that the nuts was made by teacher Cathy, so I bought that to try. Still now, I can’t forget the nuts so yummy!! The thing is that I can’t buy anymore. 🙁

3 students came to our class with the guitar and sang songs during giving us flowers today. Our direct, Sir miel let them to do that for us as a Valentine’s day event. We don’t have this kind of culture in Korea. I was great experience as fuck. It makes me think that I am living with other culture. I asked Apol and Ely to post a story and tag Sir miel on FB and I did. He texted me. Haha

The flower I got did not bloomed yet. I washed a McDonald’s cup that I drank from today morning and got water and put the flower there. Seeing what I did, my classmates started to put their flowers there as well. Before leaving the school, I put the cup in front of a window seat for wind and sunshine.


Samgyupsal buffet in the Philippines

In the evening I went a Samgyupsal buffet with my Filipino friends. Jian, one of them, was so excited to think to learn how to eat Samgyupsal Korean way.

The quality was not good comparing with Korean one but it was cheaper than Korean and the side dishes there were much better then I thought. Especially, ddugboggi and ggagdugi.

I wanna go there again already 🙂


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